Learning mistakes to avoid with central air conditioning when kids are around

Indeed children don’t come with a manual but how we wish they did.

My neighbor has had the worst experience raising her two toddlers.

With a house full of ductwork and exposed condensers, her HVAC system troubles started indoors when the toddlers could now freely move around the house and end up pulling, punching, or even poking the ducts. She didn’t realize how bad the damage was until she went downstairs to do laundry. She could have noticed a change in the performance of the central air conditioning but they do not use their quality air conditioner much during the summer. Once she discovered the damage, she called an HVAC serviceman who helped fix the damages although at a hefty fee. She later signed up for an air conditioner service plan which helped her cover the cost of fixing her condensers two weeks later. She needed to learn more about HVAC and how to take good care of them, but the HVAC business that services her heating and cooling equipment did give her a few more tips on how to handle HVAC maintenance with kids around. Otherwise, if she continues to ignore their advice or take lightly the situation, she will soon be buying new HVAC products for sale and paying for unplanned HVAC installation, with newer versions marketing their units as more efficient with better seer ratings. From her mistakes, I learned what not to do in my new house whether it’s just the air purifier out in the open or another type of HVAC technology because the cost of maintenance or replacement of AC units doesn’t come cheap.


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