The customer was toking up in the corner while we worked

It’s still weird to see people toking up marijuana, even though it has been legal in this state for multiple weeks! People can smoke marijuana inside their own lake condo plus they can buy it from many legal weed dispensaries all around the state.

My coworker plus I were installing radiant flooring in a house last weekend, plus the customer was toking up in the corner the whole time that we worked. The odor from the weed was horrible plus I felt love I was getting a little buzz. I was piecing the flooring together plus I felt myself giggle. My coworker thought it was awesome that the customer was smoking weed in the garage, but I thought it was rude plus a little discourteous. The radiant flooring installation job took all weekend to complete. Every one of us went through 1500 sq ft of flooring plus tubes. Every one of us worked from day until night. The whole time that we were working, the customer never left the house. The guy just sat in the living room plus watched us work, then none of times he got up to grab a beer, but the rest of the time the guy sat plus smoked pot while we worked, however radiant flooring is easily extravagant to install plus this guy was kneeling flooring down in the house. Every one of us installed the living room, family room, plus the master living room plus lavatory before we were done. I do not think what kind of job this guy has but they apparently do not care if he is a pothead. There is no way that this guy only smokes love this on his days off.


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