Air purification system allows us to open back up for business

A good amount of small corporations rely heavily on foot traffic for sales.

In this neck of the woods, a huge amount of people walk the boardwalk on the weekend.

My corporation is located on the boardwalk where we always get a ton of traffic plus free advertising… When the coronavirus shut down local businesses, a lot of people were affected. My partner plus I own a small salon that sells soap, bath bombs, lotions, plus CBD products. The people I was with and I also have some souvenirs, postcards, drinks, plus snacks. When the corporation was actually shut down, we were sure how we would survive. My partner thought about going back to work at the bank. Gratefully, the quarantine only lasted three months. When corporations were able to reopen, we had a few regulations to follow. The most pressing thing was having a quality air purifier in the space. In order to open for business, we really needed an air cleaner running regularly every single day. The air purifier system helps eliminate viruses, germs, plus bacteria, leaving the indoor air fresh plus clean. My partner plus I didn’t want to spend a sizable amount of money on an air cleaner so we were ecstatic to find out that several Heating, Ventilation & A/C companies were renting the equipment. Many local corporations are renting the air purification equipment instead of buying a machine. The people I was with and I called a couple of locales plus got prices on the equipment. The people I was with and I found a reputable company with fantastic rates plus service plans. The people I was with and I basically pay a Heating, Ventilation & A/C rental company $12/day to rent the industrial air cleaner. They service the equipment plus change the air filter quarterly for that especially low price.


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