Ignorance made me sign up for undefined service plan that I didn't need

I am now the proud owner of a house, fully equipped with particularly current systems of all kinds… I am a tech freak who keeps current with every current technology out in the market, then nowadays, our lake house is the meeting point for all our friends where all of us play games and hangout… Right now I am quite relaxed however more than one months ago when I first had the Heating and A/C installation done, I wish I knew more about Heating and A/C and how most of these Heating and A/C dealers ply their trade, then despite repeated interaction with the assigned Heating and A/C serviceman, I missed an essential part of the agreement.

At that time, it never occurred to me that I might never use the service plan anytime soon. When our first energy bill arrived, it wasn’t much, the seer ratings on our program are still quite good and the air cleaner program has been quite efficient too, however, nights later I gained a bill from our service provider for service plans notifying me to pay the due installment instantly, then for a service I wasn’t going to use for many months even with correct Heating and A/C service, It wasn’t making financial sense because I just had a quality installed. I had to argue our case that based on the Heating and A/C products for sale that I bought, our Heating and A/C program was capable of providing me with heating and cooling for a long time. I admitted it was an oversight on our part but I managed to have that pushed forward until the warranty on our Heating and A/C technology lapses. In the meantime, I just prefer our central air conditioner in peace.
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