It’s simple things that lead to HVAC savings

Office parties have never been my thing.

I’ve seen way too many people completely ruin or really damage their careers due to an office party.

It’s painful to watch and just makes zero sense to me. So, I was really quite surprised that I actually got something cool from this year’s Christmas party. I tend to be the office HVAC setting police. Somebody has to do it or it wouldn’t be fair to the entire office. So, my colleagues bought me a instant temperature reading gun. It was a good laugh and I thought it was quite a good gag. Still, I ducked out of the party as soon as humanly possible. Once I got home, I started thinking about the temp gun and what I could do with it. I had been saying for years that I wanted to be proactive about getting the most out of my HVAC during the winter. Our home tends to run cold due to a combination of my miserly HVAC setting and drafts. Well, that temperature gun was the answer for me. I decided to use it to see if I could find the space that was letting cold air in. What I found out shocked me. My house was leaking HVAC treated air all over the place. No wonder it was costing me so much money to heat the house. So much of the heat was traveling right out the door. I was able to mark all of the spots. Subsequently, I got them all sealed up. That little thing ended up saving me hundreds of dollars in heating costs last winter.

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