Limiting HVAC repair expense

If I’ve learned anything throughout my life, it’s to live by one truth.

That is to always lean on and rely upon my particular strengths as a person.

I think this a fairly universal truth that all of us would be better off by adhering to. Honestly, it takes some effort and motivation just to keep going. If it weren’t for my strengths, I’m not sure I would even leave the comfort of my HVAC maintained home. So, it’s a big bonus that I am super comfortable working from home in HVAC comfort. I opted out of the office scene for a more placid work experience. While I miss working with some of my colleagues, I have a much more steady life and way less stress. Being in and around the house all the time allows me to take a near constant inventory of household needs. Like the HVAC was something that caught my attention just recently. Taking out the garbage, I noticed that there was a strange sound coming from the HVAC cabinet on the side of the house. I took note of this oddity and decided to keep my attention on it. By the next day, the noise persisted so, I called the HVAC people to come have a look. They are a great group of people and have always been fair and ethical with us. So, I knew I could trust them with whatever they said about the sound. Turns out, I was lucky to have called them. There was a part that was wearing out which would have caused significant damage in just another day or two.

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