The air conditioner that I had is now broken in pieces

The air conditioner that I had is now broken in pieces.

I am such a goofball sometimes.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided to move my air conditioner all by myself. I did not install the air conditioner alone, so I don’t know what made me think that I would be able to uninstall it all on my own. I think that I was feeling extra tough that day, but that was a total mistake because I ruined my air conditioner forever. That was my favorite air conditioner too. I went to move my air conditioner, and it was so heavy that I ended up dropping it out of the window. Unfortunately, it didn’t go forward out the window onto my bedroom floor like I hoped. Instead, the air conditioner went backwards out the window and fell two stories to the ground below. I knew as soon as the air conditioner started to fall that it was the end of my air conditioner. There was just no way that my air conditioner would survived that fall especially because it landed on a cement patio. I had a huge mess to clean up because my poor air conditioner shattered pieces of plastic all over the place. It was not fun at all. I really miss that air conditioner, and I hope that I can get another one soon. I have been looking for a new air conditioner, but with all of this virus stuff going on, I have not been able to find a new air conditioner yet. They seem to all be out of stock which really stinks to be honest.


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