I think I need a new thermostat

I think that I need a new thermostat.

At first, I thought that it was a furnace that was having issues, but I was actually surprised when I went to change the thermostat, it wouldn’t work. I checked everything that I knew how to check, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I had a friend look at my furnace, and he didn’t think that there was anything wrong with the furnace. I had him look at the thermostat as well, and he was almost sure that there was something wrong with the thermostat. I am thinking about ordering a new thermostat, but I don’t know. I do have a friend who is an HVAC technician, and I am thinking about calling him up. I didn’t call him up first thing because he lives almost two hours away, and I knew that if I asked him about the thermostat, he would drive over to help me. I really wanted to wait until I was pretty sure that it was the thermostat and not the furnace to call him. I am probably going to go ahead and call him tomorrow though. I honestly hope that it is my thermostat rather than my furnace. It would be much cheaper to fix my thermostat rather than my furnace. My furnace is old, but there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it I don’t think. My thermostat has been giving me trouble the last few months now that I think of it. Hopefully, my friend who is an HVAC technician, will be able to come and fix whatever the issue is.


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