My HVAC system caused a strange issue

The last several weeks I have been having the most insane problem in my home. The alarm system kept going off at random times and I didn’t know where on earth it was coming from or why it was happening! After paying close attention to it more, I was finding that it was every single time my central heating and air conditioning system would come on, the alarm would get set off. It had something to do with the way the central heating and air conditioning system was set up and the vibration it made when it turned on was triggering the alarm. I made a phone call to the local heating and air conditioning company to have someone get out to my house and take a look at what was going on. And the problem was just as I thought. The central heating and air conditioning system was too close to where the alarm system was set up. So what had to be done was the HVAC specialist had to do some HVAC work and move the central heat and a/c unit to a different location that still worked with the hook ups that went into the main air vents and ductwork. After having this done and paying several hundred dollars for the moving of the central heating and air conditioning system, I didn’t have any more issues with the alarm system anytime the central HVAC unit would turn on. And that is a great thing. Because it was starting to become a real headache.
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