Clean your air before it gets to your lungs

My flu symptom specialist told me yesterday that he thinks I should really get a modern media media air cleaner for our house.

I’ve been having trouble dealing with our dust irritations for a while now plus our dentist has tried just about every single thing as far as medication goes plus nothing works.

No matter how much flu symptom medication I seem to take, nothing seems to help. He started talking to me endlessly about possibly getting in touch with our Heating & A/C business to see if there was any chance they had any suggestions for me. He said that once in a while, you honestly can do something to help the indoor air conditions in your condo plus it will end up ultimately helping with your dust irritations over time as well. This was never something that I ever thought about before, however once he stopped and mentioned it, it made a lot of sense. When I got home from the allergy office, I called the Heating & A/C business that I used for our air conditioning system repair service last year. I told the person who answered the iphone about our problems plus he quickly said that they had absolutely helped people with flu symptom complications for many years. He said that normally, they suggest that people have their extensive ventilation ducts professionally cleaned out first. Once the ductworks are clean plus free of extra dust plus debris, they change out the air filters for high quality HEPA filters. After that, if they feel that there are still complications, they install some sort of brand new air purification plan to run in tandem with the home’s existing heating plus cooling system.


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